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Wheelchair Friendly Pricing

Have you ever felt that your mobility gets limited due to your wheelchair? Does it bother you that you have to be dependent on others to drive you to places? We have a solution for you! Our vehicles are wheelchair friendly, being equipped with ramps. Our drivers approach for extra care while driving to provide a smooth and safe journey to your destination.

So, whether you have to go to shopping or to attend a hospital appointment, our services are always available for you.


  • You can pre-book Accessible Service to confirm wheelchair availability. However, it’s not necessary because we always do our best to have extras ready on spot.
  • No additional charges are required.

Local Hospitals

Hospital 4 Seater Single 5 - 8 Seater Single
Colchester General £28.00 £42.00
Broomfield £16.00 £24.00
Essex County £28.00 £42.00
Springfield £20.00 £30.00

Popular Destinations

Place 4 Seater Single 5 - 8 Seater Single
Chelmsford £22.00 £33.00
Coggeshall £14.00 £18.00
Colchester £26.00 £40.00
Felstead £13.00 £20.00
Finchingfield £18.00 £28.00
Maldon £25.00 £37.00
Wethersfield £15.00 £22.00
Witham £13.00 £20.00

If you receive a quote that charges any differently, contact us through the mail or give us a call.

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